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                                                              I am proud to be an Indian


      My motherland is India. I was born near Calcutta (or Kolkata.) It is the capital of the state West Bengal. Calcutta is one of the metropolitan city of India, situated at the eastern part of the country. It is a very big city having 1,036 km² area in which 4.6 million (city), 13.2 million (urban agglomeration) peoples walking here and there.



  But the important thing is that I looove Calcutta. It is really a fun city. There are lots of lots of things that you can't resist once you stepped to Calcutta. You just could not able to resist Rasogolla and Misti dahi (sweets), to have adda (open discussions around the street corner), to join Mohon Bagan - East Bengal fight (two football club of Calcutta), winter Book fair and surely cricket fever at Eden Garden (2nd largest cricket stadium of world). But my favorite is Gangar Howa (cool air f

low of the river Ganga) and Fuchka (one kind of snackes). That is why it is called city of JOY.           




     If you are also a Calcuttian, do me a favor, shut down your eyes and tell 5 things in 3 seconds that's first comes to your mind, if I say Calcutta.


            Should I try first.                             

                     1.  The Ganga.

                     2.  The Howrah bridge.

                     3.  Durga Puja.

                     4.  Trums of Calcutta.

                     5.  Metro Rail.

                     6.  Victoria Memorial Hall.

                     7.  Nandan & Rabindra Sadan.

                     8.  Garer Math.

                     9.  Boi Mayla. (Book fair)


       Sorry sorry, I just couldn't stop. I can go like this all day long. If you want to have a look on Calcutta, just click here. But the some exciting old photos of Calcutta can be seen here.








 I told you I was born near Calcutta. Actually I was born at 'Bongaon' in 'North 24 parganas' district. It is also a fabulous place and I love my birthplace also.