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About Myself
        MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM............. What can I say about my self? I think it is better if you know me with your own idealization. All I can say that I am a simple man. Always believe in the simplicity of honesty. I want to always be happy, enjoy loneliness, and do not believe in love ....... (not all kind)

         Truly saying, I don’t know how I am. It is totally a bad question to me, if some one ask me “how I am ?”. Actually it is totally dependent of time and environment

where I am living. Since peoples are the mirrors of the society. Therefore how a person would be is totally dependent on the environment, his family culture and society in which he is living. But I am not saying that there is not any exception. And of course it depend of time and maturity of brain.

        That is why how am I is totally depend on time to me. My answer would be surely different if you ask me this question some years latter. And for that reason I don’t want to a particular answer of this question ‘how I am’. Although you might be understanding how I am from my above discussions. This is the good and interesting way to know some one. Isn’t it ?

         But those people are bored due to the above discussions, for them I can say…..       I am a fun loving person, I love to open my face towards the sky when it is raining and love to feel the drops falling on my lips, I love to fight with my brother, I love to steal foods from the refrigerator when my mother use to take a both. I love to throw chalk to my friends when teacher use to write something in the blackboard, I love to tickle my grandma’s ear when she is praying. I love to tide my friend’s shoe less when he gave answers to teachers. And so and so.

         I think this is more than enough that how I am. But still if you want to know more about me, then you have to meet me personally, I promise I would not do any wrong thing to you. I am not so bad.